Your business is experience a very high number of calls, but you don't have enough staff to answer them all.  To satisfy your need to take those calls while you may not have the agents available to answer them, you need a call center.  Not a big huge expensive call center, but one that will easily work with your team and your budget.  Some people may refer to a Call Center as Executive Queues, ACD, or UCD.  MPVEX Call Center can be a very significant part of your customer's experience with your company.   Call Center Flyer   Call Center Console Monitoring    |   Call Center Agent   |  

Think of a Call Center as placing your extra callers into a “waiting area” or "queue".  They can listen to your special marketing-on-hold or other informational messages while they are waiting for the next available agent to become available.   Essentially, the MPVEX Call Center will help you manage large call volumes with limited staff. 

How Does It Work?

Benefits of MPVEX Call Center
  •  Manage a bigger call volume with a smaller staff.
  •  Present an appealing, professional experience for your callers.
  •  Reduce those pesky missed calls and ring no answer experiences.
  •  Customize Call Queues with specialized details to drive specific inquiries.
  •  Add multiple Call Queues;  Sales, Support, Customer Service, etc.
  •  Monitor your agent’s activity and generate reports from your Metropark Voice Exchange.
  •  Promote new marketing campaigns to your callers waiting in your call queues.