MPVEX Marketing-On-Hold (MOH) uses time spent on-hold to promote your products and services directly to your caller.
It is calculated to be six to eight times easier to sell to an existing customer, which puts MPVEX Marketing-On-Hold messages right at the core of your marketing efforts. Yes…being on-hold or lengthy transfers are part of doing business, so make it entertaining and informative.

Benefits of MPVEX Marketing On-Hold Services

Marketing-On-Hold (MOH) or a Professional Auto Attendant is a direct communication channel between you and your customers. Many thousands of businesses, from small shops to the large enterprise, use marketing on-hold messages to:
  •   inform callers about new products or promotions
  •   share information to up-sell products and services
  •   share company news and events
  •   support your brand with a professional voice
  •   provide helpful information (hours/location)
  •   reduce caller hang-ups
  •   ensure your customers feel valued
Audio/Music Library (ask your rep for username/password)

VCP Customers get MoH services FREE!!

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